Best Apps for Business People On the Go

Being a traveling business person takes a lot of energy. Between keeping track to boarding passes and luggage, navigating unfamiliar cities, and being even busier than usual with work, many business people struggle to keep everything organized when traveling. The experienced business traveler may have their routine down to a science – but still, business travel is often financially inefficient for companies. You may be surprised what parts of your routine are less efficient than you think.

Fortunately, technology has a solution for the business traveler. Hundreds of new apps are developed daily to meet the needs of people in every niche imaginable – and that includes traveling businesspeople. Looking to make business travel less hectic, and become a more relaxed and efficient traveler? Read on for some apps that can help.

Best Business Travel Apps
  1. BestParking. Business travel often involves renting a car. Depending on where you're traveling and what kind of business functions you will be attending, finding a place to keep that rental car can be a problem. Companies typically will reimburse for parking costs – but that doesn't mean you want to overpay. In any case, finding good parking in an unfamiliar place can be difficult and can wind up making you late. BestParking is an app to remedy this problem. It points you to inexpensive, convenient parking all over the country. The company also offers $5 Starbucks gift cards if their app ever leads you astray.
  2. AwardWallet. If you're a frequent traveler, there are lots of potential benefits transportation and hotel companies offer you for your loyalty. However, it can be difficult or impossible to keep track when you're traveling often – you may fly different airlines or stay at different hotels depending on your location and what your company wants. AwardWallet can help you keep track of your hotel, credit card, and frequent flier points. You can log in to all of these rewards in one place, making it much easier and more efficient to get the rewards you've earned.
  3. Expensify. Do you need to turn in receipts for your travel costs to get reimbursement? Many companies take time to reimburse you for what you spend on a trip. Sometimes, the expenses can rack up – and what's even worse is when you lose the receipts for those expenses. It's easy to mix up receipts in your busy travel schedule. Expensify can help by tracking all of your expenses from one app. Sync your credit and debit cards to the app and it compiles all your purchases into an expense report. For cash payments, you can scan your receipt. Expensify is a must for the business traveler.
Technology is advancing every day to help the business traveler. Never fall victim to inefficient travel methods again with these and other excellent travel apps.
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Hi-Tech Cars With Hi-Tech Safety Measures

Safety first, ladies and gentlemen! And when you consider how much time you spend in your car, that should be one of the primary parts of your life that you make sure is absolutely as safe as possible. Lucky for you, some of the recent advances in technology are really making driving that much safer, so let go of your anxiety about automobile accidents, and look into these three features that are going to let you drive easier, sleep easier, and just generally be less worked up about travel and transportation.

Air Bags                                          

Air bags have gone into and out of vogue depending on the generation and the number of news articles and/or recalls during any particular year. They got a bad rep for a while because there were low-impact bumps that were setting them off and causing more injury than if they didn’t deploy at all. Overall, they have saved countless more lives than created these injuries, but with the improvement in air bag technology in the past several years, most of the problematic occurrences have gone by the wayside. When purchasing a car, be sure to look into the pros and cons of different models that are available.

Proximity Sensors and Auto-park       

Know anyone who has ever been sideswiped while changing lanes because of blind spots? Have you been in that situation yourself? Then you know how frustrating it is. With proximity sensors, you get fair warning, and that can save you many thousands of dollars, and potentially even save you and your passengers from injury, which will make it worth the investment in that particular safety feature. Add to that, many cars that have these proximity sensors also have auto-park systems installed, and that’s preventing all kinds of trouble for people who have had issues in the past with parallel parking, especially.

Back-up Cameras                         

For those of you with parents who are getting into their 70’s and 80’s, you know that they can’t quite turn their heads around to see behind them as well as they used to, and they also aren’t quite so good at seeing in general. If the car they drive has a backup camera installed, there are no worries there. The area behind the car is shown clearly and concisely, in any lighting conditions. This vastly improves drivers’ chances of avoiding issues hitting other cars in parking lots, and also makes it much safer to drive around in areas where kids might be present who don’t know any better than to run behind vehicles.  There are very reasonably priced backup camera systems that you can install in any type of car, but many systems are also pre-installed in newer vehicles anyway.
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Top 5 Addiction Recovery Apps

One of the greatest benefits of increasingly mobile technology is the availability of apps. With so many available, it’s no surprise that there are a great number of apps designed to support those in recovery from addiction. Are you struggling in your journey toward maintained sobriety? For many people, a quick look down at your phone or tablet screen can make all the difference in the world, especially on the hardest days. Here are some of the best support apps for those recovering from the trials of addiction.
  • Meeting Finder. This app is completely free and is designed for those who already attend or want to attend 12 Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and others. Use the app to find a meeting near you, including maps to those meetings. The home screen for the app includes a recovery counter as well as a place to access daily meditations.
  • AA Speakers to Go. If you’re recovering from alcoholism, AA Speakers to Go is an excellent source of speakers’ stories to provide daily support and inspiration – whether or not you attend a meeting on any given day. Some recordings go as far back as the 1930s. There’s a total of more than 400 audio files – which for $4.99 in the Google Play store is definitely a steal.
  • iRecovery. Are you looking for a handy way to track your progress in recovery? The iRecovery app is perfect for those recovering from any kind of addiction. The app gives reward points for participating in various activities that aid in recovery and also includes a journal for you to process your thoughts and feelings. If you need a pick-me-up, simply tap the Affirmations button to access a motivating or inspiring quip. iRecovery is available for $4.99 from iTunes.
  • Twenty-Four Hours a Day. Listed as one of Healthline’s best alcoholism apps of 2014, Twenty-Four Hours a Day offers a companion to the best-selling meditation book by Hazelden Publishing. Users can access a new inspiring message every day and swipe back to look at previous affirmations. You can also bookmark your favorites, allowing you to return to them again and again.
  • Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction. Many people working to defeat addiction turn to scripture for affirmation and support. If you’re a Christian, whether you’ve recently quit or you’re battling a craving for the first time in years, you’ll find words of wisdom here to help. Input how you’re feeling (anxious, frustrated, ready to give up, met your goal, etc.) to receive a piece of scripture as well as an interpretation in how it applies to addiction.
If you’re a drug rehab facility, you’re probably already well versed in the tools available for treating addiction. Apps are only one type of technology – it’s important to make sure your website is optimized for all visitors as well.
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Understanding 301 and 302 Redirects

If you want to keep your customers and users on board with your website even as it changes and progresses, you need a solid understanding of HTTP response status codes. These codes tell your web server what to do with the URL you just entered. Perhaps most important for website improvements are the 301 and 302 redirects, and if you’re currently undergoing maintenance to improve your conversions, you’ll need to know what they are and how to use them.

The Purpose

There are five official classes of status codes, and the first digit of each status code represents the class of response. For example, a code in the 300s means that it will offer a redirect. The most common of this class are the 301 and 302 redirects.

301 and 302 redirects are very helpful tools for improving your website. They play a big part in SEO strategizing, as well as helping to keep your followers on board with your updates. A 301 or 302 redirect is usually an indicator of a website that is under repair. They let the server know that the page they are looking for has moved. It’s a very valuable code to input as you improve your website.

301 Redirects

If you’re moving a website permanently, you need to use a 301 redirect. It indicates to both the server and your users that the page will never be returning to it’s original location. If you’re doing a good job on your website maintenance, this is a good thing. It means you can say goodbye to your outdated ways and hello to a permanently better solution.

Why You Would Use a 301 Redirect

Since there is no going back on this, you would only use a 301 redirect if you have changed the domain for your website or are launching a new CMS that has changed your URL. It is the most common type of redirect.

302 Redirects

A 302 status code indicates that the page is only temporarily relocated. It does not carry the value of the link to a new location, but it takes the user to an appropriate location so that the user doesn’t see a 404 error, or a page not found message. It offers a clean solution for a broken web page that you are trying to repair.

Why You Would Use a 302 Redirect

You could use a 302 redirect for several different reasons. One reason would be to improve the appearance of the URL. If you have a lot of different numbers and information in your homepage URL, it will appear spammy to users and they are less likely to trust it. A 302 redirect makes your homepage URL appear clean and safe to use. Another reason you would use a 302 redirect would be in an ecommerce setting. You might have a product that is temporarily out of stock, so you would redirect the user to a page that gives that message and directs them to similar products. If done tastefully, a 302 redirect can be a very useful tool.

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Creating Happy Employees with Technology

The face of the American worker has changed in recent decades. Today, more people than ever work in an office environment. These jobs typically offer good enough pay and benefits that employees are satisfied with their positions. However, satisfaction with one’s compensation doesn’t necessarily make one into a happy employee.

For some employees, it wasn’t a passion for their industry that pushed them to take a position -- rather, it was the compensation. Even if a job is stressful or not one’s area of interest, people are more likely to keep what they’ve got than to dive into the work of searching for another position (which may or may not be better than their current one). Stress on the job is a big problem for the American worker, particularly in recent decades.

Improving employee morale is a puzzle supervisors have long struggled with. Today, there’s a new player in the problem -- technology. When used correctly, technology can lower employee stress and create happier workers.

Importance of Improved Morale

If an employee is not showing overt signs of unhappiness or dissatisfaction, why pursue improving morale? Some supervisors feel this would be trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. In fact, employee morale is something that can almost always be improved -- and it leads to big positive effects for a company. Happy employees are more productive. If an employee with low morale can perform well, imagine how much better he or she could do with better morale.

Providing the Right Technology

As technology improves, some companies are falling behind the times. Many employees use their personal laptops and smartphones for their jobs. This makes almost all positions more “on the go.” Almost all employees across industries are doing at least some work from outside the office, such as sending emails and updating Google docs.

The way work is done today is therefore different than it was even ten years ago. Employees understand that sooner than CEOs. Some employees even quit their jobs because they feel forced to work inefficiently with outdated technology.

To retain your employees and improve their morale, it’s important to provide the right technology and to provide the right training. Employees today are using multiple devices interchangeably depending on the task and their own needs. To make work easier and a more positive experience for your employees, you must seamlessly allow this juggling of devices.

Documents, applications, and data should all be made accessible to employees from any device. Employees who can communicate and at their convenience have a better experience at work -- and this translates to better productivity.


While smartphones may someday be made obsolete by technological advancements, the happiness of your employees is always going to need careful thought. Keep up with your employees’ technological needs to improve their morale and productivity. 
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Importance of branding

The making and sustaining of a brand is not a simple task as it look up, but it is a very important one when it comes to the life of the company. It is the brand name and everything associated to the brand which is going to stay in the people’s head, and one wrong move and bring your sales down by half or even more. It is not only the sales which are affected by the branding that the company indulges in, there are many more factors which are dependent on it.
Here are some of them which also state why company branding is an important aspect of business:
  1. Keeps the brand unique:
When you create a brand, you can keep yourself unique from the competition. Be it in terms of the product that you are selling, or the marketing that you conduct. When you attach a brand name to it, you will have a privilege of calling yourself different from the others. You can also make the effort to use strategies which have not been used in your demographic and will be able to make sure that the people find them different. For example housing.com is a new and unique brand for real estate.
This way the brand will gain the unique status that it is looking for.
  1. The brand loyalty factor:
The masses only want products that are good and those that they can trust. When you make those, you will gain their trust but also a brand loyalty. This is something which is going to make sure that you not only have consistent and growing sales, but will also make others come to your for your product. Brand loyalty is a very huge factor when it comes to sales as well. As a company, entrepreneurs would want loyal and consistent customers than one-time buyers of their product.

  1. Easier word of mouth:
When one is trying to recommend a product to a friend, it is always easier for them to take the name of the brand than to be describing the product. This is possible only when the company has made a good effort to establish the brand image. If not, there is a huge possibility that the company is losing the word-of-mouth publicity that it is actually entitled to, even if the product is extraordinary.
  1. Faster growth of the brand:
When a company decides to make a product, and it is good: the product will grow at its own pace. The growth will be slow and not even steady. When a brand is established in the market, you will see that the growth is much faster to that of a product by itself. This is because branding gives the people a symbol to relate to and also understand the company.
The creation of the image is also much easier with the better scope of marketing and space for innovation.
  1. Becomes a niche:
When you have produced a chocolate for instance, you have produced just a chocolate. But when you add a brand name like Lindt or Hershey’s to it, it becomes a niche. This is what branding does for the company. It makes it exclusive and also one of a kind. If the company is good enough with the branding, it is going to be trusted just by the name.
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Top 8 Cloud Storage Services of 2015

USB sticks were a timely and handy invention. It made transferring files, photos, videos, and more easy and convenient. However, if you lost the tiny stick, there was no getting those files back. That’s why cloud storage services have become such a hit, and they're getting better all the time. Here are the best of the best in cloud storage to date.
  1. Dropbox
The highest rated cloud storage service of 2015 is Dropbox, the downloadable storage space for your computer and smartphone. Users love Dropbox because it is so easy to save and reclaim files. It is also the one of the only online storage spaces that is compatible for Linux and Blackberry. Above all, it’s free for the first 2GB.

  1. Google Drive
Google Drive is a close competitor to Dropbox. The generous 15GB of free space is certainly much larger than other cloud storage freebies. It is also a very successful collaboration source, and thousands use Google Drive to collaborate on both the personal and professional level every day, via both app and computer.
  1. OneDrive
This Microsoft product was once called SkyDrive. It is comparable to Google Drive in that it offers vast sharing capabilities and 15GB of free space. The large amount of free space is a very recent improvement, which is perhaps the reason the ratings don’t quite match that of Google Drive just yet.
  1. Box
Box has been around for 10 years, much longer than Dropbox, but it has taken longer to receive such high ratings. With continued improvements, it is a hot contender for the top cloud storage options. It offers 10GB of free space, but the largest file size it will admit is just 250MB, vastly limiting what you can store there. The service is fast, but you have to pay for many features.
  1. Apple iCloud
Apple fans love this particular storage option, though it’s not limited to Mac users. Any file can be stored on the drive, even if it did not originate on a Mac. There are 5GB of free space, but you must pay extra for features like backing up your device. There is also no app for Windows Phone, Android, or Blackberry, severely limiting the customer base.
  1. Spideroak
Other cloud storage solutions encrypt your files, but they don’t take as many precautions as Spideroak does. Their encryption process ensures that only you will be able to read your data. The overall service is rather limited compared to the others with just 2GB of storage and fees for seemingly simple features, but if security and privacy are the most important things to you regarding your files, Spideroak is the best on the market.
    7.Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon is not very highly rated, but the name brand makes it very commonly used. There aren’t many extra features for this storage solution, but if you’re only looking to store simple documents and photos, it should do the trick. There are only 5 GB of free space, and there is an alarming lack of support for standard documents, especially for the app. Overall, this service is not highly recommended, but because it is so widely used, it makes the list.
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Tech Creates Better Medical Jobs

It takes a very caring person to become a good medical provider. Jobs like medical assistant positions are becoming increasingly available and provide an open opportunity for caregivers to enter the medical profession. Jobs like that of a medical assistant relies on ever-developing technology to make it easier and more enjoyable.

EHR’s Vastly Improve Care

Medical assistants will most likely need training in the use of electronic health records according to Allied Health Institute. You could think of EHR’s as simply computerized medical charts. But, they can also be outfitted with multiple applications and features. They can serve a patient-centered, real-time medical records that allow both the patient and his or her medical providers to access the patient’s information immediately. The electronic health record can maintain not only a medical history, but a record of allergies, medical images, diagnoses, medications past and present, and many other records.

Providers can quickly access the data and make more informed treatment decisions. Providers also benefit because their workflow is automated. The patient’s information is clearly organized and accurate. Providers from various settings can share the same information;  the emergency room can see the same data that the primary care physician can access.

Doctors Appreciate EHR’s

Some fear the accidental or intentional misuse of the electronic data. Bernadine Healey, M.D. notes the following, “Another innovation that will benefit patient care is the integrated electronic medical record, which will make information more available, more accessible, and more accurate.”  This information is protected by the HIPAA Laws and the government has assured the United State’s public that it will be medically private. Ultimately, though, medical providers will need to make sure the privacy is honored.

Medical records may eventually be merged into a national medical record. This could vastly improve care by getting rid of redundancy and maintaining patient care. When electronic records are combined with billing and reimbursement software, there will certainly be transparency in billing. This might even help doctors to stop overspending and over treating.

Dr. Healey goes on to state, “Information technology is ushering in sweeping changes that should make medicine better and safer. It will be the obligation of the physician to make sure that it remains high touch as well as high tech. That can only enhance the joy of being—and wanting to be—a doctor.”

Healthcare Continues to Evolve

Healthcare is constantly evolving and successful medical workers adapt to this change and evolve with the new technology. Careers in the medical field will always need to adapt. That can mean that care must be individualized from one patient to the next. It can also mean that advances in medicine and in technology will continue to improve care. Technology allows caring people to better care for patients.
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