5 Things Your Database Should Be Doing for You

Is your database making your business easier, or do you feel like you’re serving it? If you don’t have the right database, it can cause more trouble than it’s worth. Think hours of inputting extra spaces manually because files weren’t imported properly or having to overlook endless blank fields that don’t apply to your business. Whether it’s selecting the best in-memory database option for you or delving into a little more research before changing software, there are a few basic things databases should offer up.

1. Making big data analysis easier
Organizing and analyzing your data are different, yet complementary, tasks. Obviously your database is where you store the data you collect or curate, but is your database easily turning it into actionable material? Whether it’s generating reports that even your Luddite CEO can read or being able to select key mailing address for simple label creation, make sure your database offers organization and analysis.

2. Welcoming new managers with ease
Granted some of the more complex database will require training, but the employees brought into the database should already have skillsets that complement that particular database. If it’s “normal” to take weeks to “get the hang of” your database, something’s wrong. Either you hired wrong or the database isn’t a good match for your business/department.

3. Offering customization
Even an industry-specific database isn’t going to perfectly align with what you need. Customization and personalization should be intuitive and easy. According to Business2Community, marketing automation is catching on and your database should support this by catering to your unique needs.

4. Generating a variety of reports
Maybe you need to use data in your database to present to investors, the CEO, potential new partners or new hires. People have a variety of learning styles, and the types of reports your database offers should cater to all types. This means text-based, pie graphs, charts and narrative reports. Plus, it should be simple to figure out how to generate different types of reports.

5. Offering regular updates (without paying)
There’s no way any database will be evergreen, and it needs to keep up with technology. Updates to the software should be free, regular, but not so regular that it’s annoying. You should be able to choose auto upgrades and it shouldn’t shut down your entire computer to make it happen. Is your database serving you? If not, make 2015 the year you find one that does.
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Should You Monetize a Blog?

There really is a way to make a decent living with blogging, but the chances of your monetizing it for millions is slim to none. There are two major ways to make money blogging: Become a sponsored celebrity a la Perez Hilton, or monetize a blog (often with the right amount of ads and spun content). For the latter, this takes more tech savviness than blogging or vlogging skills. However, either way you need to make sure to avoid Google penalties by following only white hat strategies.

White hat search engine optimization (SEO), are legal, encouraged ways to move your blog up the rankings. It includes high quality, original content, a blog that loads quickly, responsive design and mobile readiness, and generally avoiding “short cuts”. Black hat tricks can include duplicate content, pop-up ads, invisible text and the like.

Is monetization the right strategy?

Unlike bloggers who do it for passion or fame, monetized blogs are all about fulfilling a need (to a mediocre level) and then using things like banner ads and pay per click ads (PPC) to bring in revenue. Both strategies require time and dedication. For monetization, you’ll need to “baby” the blog in the beginning and keep the ads to a minimum while you build a following. You can write the blog content from scratch yourself, but many monetized bloggers prefer to spin content (sometimes with spinning software).

The quality of your content will always matter according to Search Engine Journal, and you’re not going to get the same premium results with spinning as you will with original content. However, as long as it’s not plagiarized and passes Copyscape, you’re not doing anything illegal (or black hat). If spinning is your strategy, make sure you spring for a quality software and remember that you can write this off if you end up making any income from your blog.

How much you can make

A “successful” monetized blog is the equivalent to a full-time minimum wage income if you’re lucky. Eventually, the goal is a passive income along the lines of what Forbes recommends, but that will take a few months. There’s a lot of word involved up front, you won’t always choose the right blog niche, and followers can be fickle.

Ask yourself honestly if you want to be a blogger or if you just want to make “easy money” with your tech skills. If the answer is the latter, then be realistic about how much effort monetized blogging requires.
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Meeting the Needs of Today's Demanding Consumer During the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to finding perfect deals. From comparison shopping in stores to grabbing that online deal, there's always a price point to chase. Businesses are in constant competition with other companies and themselves. During the last sales rush of 2014, order fulfillment companies are starting to make sense for many businesses. According to XpertFulfillment, almost any online retail checkout option is covered by competent fulfillment agencies.

Short Shipment Times

With busy schedules, consumers need to know their packages will arrive quickly without a huge shipment cost. Outsourcing shipment processes cuts the distance between the product and direct customer. A consumer could conceivably purchase an item a couple days before the holidays and still receive it on time. Companies without multiple facilities for shipment needs are forced to charge shipping costs or bury it in reduced profits.

Streamlining Daily Operations

Small businesses, in particular, are frustrated by shipping processes because it's not normally their forte. Hiring an outside company to pack and ship products leaves the process to the experts. The original business is left to work on product improvements and marketing strategies. If these aspects work well with the public, the extra sales will be perfect for a fulfillment company to handle.

Concentrated Manpower with Shipment Expertise

Your business may not have all the manpower necessary to ship huge product quantities. By selecting a quality fulfillment center, you literally hire on an expert group of packagers. They'll ensure all products are packaged safely with the right shipment information. Customer loyalty is often tested if packages can't be shipped correctly, from wrong addresses to missing labels. Businesses don't have to worry about shipment quality once they partner with the right fulfillment company.

Find New Loyal Customers

If expansion was put aside for this fiscal year, using multiple fulfillment centers actually opens up your possible profit margins. For example, a customer receives a product from you and the fulfillment company in a new region. A friend may see the item and want one themselves. You immediately have a brand new customer that would otherwise be overlooked. Multiply this factor times all the new fulfillment facilities you work with to truly see profits rise.

What Overhead?

Shipping areas and inventory stocking take up critical real estate space. Your fulfillment center holds all the products instead of your facility, saving you on costly overhead. Heating, cooling and lease costs are all avoided with inventory set at another facility. You simply pay for the fulfillment's services to maintain a strong partnership. Reduced overhead gives you a chance to lower prices further for customer satisfaction.

According to Practical eCommerce blogger Brian Getting, "companies can spend thousands of dollars in order management software, computers, warehouse space, packing supplies and more." This cost alone can cripple any online business. With the 2014 holidays rapidly approaching, companies may want to look into order fulfillment as a new year's resolution for a better 2015.
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4 Reasons Spending the Money on Advanced Technology is Worth the Investment

The Internet is more than a social toy that allows you to chat with friends and family while playing a game of "Candy Crush" or other diversion. It's an ever-advancing tool for business efficiency whether you own an eCommerce store or local brick-and-mortar establishment. Advanced technology reduces business costs while providing an enhanced level of security with each passing year. Instead of cutting corners when developing your business budget, there are several reasons why some expenses should be considered investments.

Payment Processing

Some small business owners are reluctant to process credit and debit cards at their location. In the 20th century, fees and leases were incredibly high for an organization that didn't process more than a few transactions during the month through credit card machines. As less people carry cash and rely more on plastic and online purchases, you may actually increase your sales by offering this method of payment. According to companies such as Vision Payment Solutions, you can process credit and debit cards whether you are a single person doing a job for a client or own a retail store online or off.

Slow Versus Fast Computers

Although older computers may still be usable within your organization, the machines of today can help you develop an incredible amount of efficiency within the business environment. Software, speed and multitasking capabilities can help provide efficiency by allowing more to get done sooner. In many organizations, speed can play a role in costs and providing a method for employees to get more work done in less time is simply a smart investment when considering what can be done each week.

Enhanced Security Methods

Although you may have heard various horror stories about a company losing customer information due to hacking, consider that millions upon millions of attacks are made across the globe every day. Out of the plethora of these attempts, very few manage to succeed. Statistically speaking, you have better chances of winning the lottery a few times over every year. Security measures are important, and the business could be an easy target if you don't have firewalls and filters in place. According to Sebastian Anthony of Extreme Tech, the United States Department of Defense reported 10 million attacks per day in 2012. Without security, these attacks could succeed.

Online Reputation

Providing enhanced security for your online customers can help your reputation. It can also be used as a marketing tactic to entice other uses to purchase goods from you. Online security is big business, and protecting your customers in such a way has the possibility of helping you increase sales through trust. The more a customer trusts your business, the greater the chance he or she will provide positive reviews to friends and family.

Advancing technology provides greater levels of efficiency while reducing costs to various aspects of business. Without investing in what becomes available, you could be isolating the business and openly subjecting it to the criminal element. Don't let the cost of superior technology deter you from improving your business exponentially. You could increase income beyond the costs of implementing technological changes.
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Stay Competitive with Advanced Technology

In today’s technologically advanced world, many small business owners are confused as to what technology can help their company remain competitive and which are simply the latest fad that will fade away in a few years. With business capital difficult to come by in today’s economic client, business owners are seeking information on the advanced technology that will not only help them grow but will also still be valuable technology in the future. The Small Business Administration offers these tips for choosing the right technology for a new business.

Accounting and Payment Software

Without adequate accounting methods, even the best small business will have difficulty succeeding. In addition, companies who are unable to accept debit and credit cards will also have problems growing in today’s technology-driven world. Therefore, accounting and payment software should be one of the first forms of technology a new business invests in. Accounting software can be a simple, stand-alone program loaded on one computer or it can be an online version that can be accessed from any location that has internet access. Payment technology can also be as simple or elaborate as the business owner needs. There are payment processing programs that allow payments to be accepted via mobile phone using debit and credit cards or even checks.

Time Tracking Software

Another valuable type of technology is time tracking software. Tracking the time spent on certain tasks can help a business owner identify what tasks grow profits and what tasks are not adding to the company’s bottom line. The software can help owners identify what can be eliminated or outsourced in order to focus time and attention on matters that help increase profits. There are even mobile device apps that can help track the time spent on certain tasks, providing an even more portable method for determining tasks that can be changed, eliminated or outsourced in order to save the company money.

Planning and Email

A calendar program is critical for keeping the company organized and on task. There are many planning programs available that can help keep staff organized using deadline reminders, to-do lists and other tools. In addition, email is a requirement for all businesses today. Unfortunately, a business owner may have several email accounts that must be addressed on a daily basis. There are programs available that can streamline multiple accounts into one email system, keeping people organized and on top of the mountains of emails that arrive each day. In addition, many mobile devices now allow access to email accounts so that they can be read and responded to from anywhere that the mobile device has service.

Today’s business world has a very strong technological focus, and it can be difficult for business owners to know what technology can help them and what is not necessary. These types of programs can not only keep a company organized, but can also send a message to customers that owners and staff are accessible, timely and professional.
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Is It Possible To Have An Online Business Presence Without A Website?

Just because your company does not have an elaborate IT department or a traditional website, this does not mean you are unable to use modern technology to ensure a massive web presence. Offline businesses still constitute a huge portion of the world economy; yet, the combination of advanced technology and branding are key to developing an offline business's web presence.

One of the indirect ways a company can get online coverage is through the use of mobile devices and apps. Every day, people around the world are tweeting and posting Facebook messages, telling others where they are at any given moment in time. Even if a company does not have a website, their customers and clients may be inadvertently doing the bulk of the lifting when it comes to establishing their web presence. Instead of slowing down, this trend seems to continue to be a great avenue that helps offline companies get recognized online. This avenue is especially useful, if your company has great customer service, giving people something to be happy to tweet and post about to their online friends.

Other Ways Technology Presents Your Company Online

Another way advanced technology has helped offline companies to gain an online presence is through the use of blog posts. People not only tweet and comment about the places they visit, they also blog about them as well. Now that many mobile device apps allow people to have access to a lot of blog information on the go, this helps offline companies to stay current in the minds of online readers. In addition, even though a company may not maintain a traditional website, they may engage in other uses of technology to brand themselves with an online presence. For example, they may advertise with advertising agencies that run online content or offer coupons through other third party websites, helping to reach even more of an online audience. Again, a lot of this content is able to reach a plethora of mobile devices, which in turn ensures that an offline business is being noticed in various online niches.

Using Online Platforms Like Craigslist

According to an article on Entrepreneur.com, one method that a lot of offline businesses are leveraging for increased sales is to use platforms like Craigslist to reach more niche specific customers. Not only is it profitable to post ads on Craigslist, but it can also be beneficial to an offline company to build relationships in the Craigslist forums. Another key strategy to making money on Craigslist is to find hot selling items and offer up products that are strongly related. For example, dogs are a top-selling item in the pet section on Craigslist, so dog crates are also an equally hot seller. Consequently, an offline store selling these items will be able to use Craigslist to bring online traffic into their offline stores, thus potentially boosting their sales even more. In this sense, use of the Craigslist platform may be more effective than a traditional website for increasing a business's revenue.
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The Need for Cloud Computing in Your Business

One of the latest in advanced technologies for business is cloud computing. This has gained wide acceptance after companies continue to gain exposure with its concepts. Due to its versatility, companies are discovering different ways to take advantage of this technology, and ending up reaping its benefits. So, what should you expect from cloud computing in your business?

Integrity of Data

Data is vital to your business; this is why you need to take all measures to secure it. Cloud computing offers superior software to secure your data. Accessing data stored on the cloud requires you to use a 2-factor authentication, which is unique to each user. To log in, you need to have a 6-digit token code, which changes every 60 seconds.

In case someone obtains your credentials without the personal token, there is no way your security will be breached. This means your data is always secure.

Consumption-based Billing

You only pay for the services that you use at any particular moment. This significantly reduces output costs. With consumption-based billing, you can slowly migrate to the cloud while still using existing IT infrastructure simultaneously.

Save Big on Costs

With cloud computing, you don’t have to invest in physical servers, which can eat into your operational budget. This reduces the cost of managing data drastically, which makes you achieve more efficient use of resources.

You get to eliminate the financial burden of running an in-house IT department. You avoid expensive recruitment, salaries, vacation time, overtime, and employee benefits. You can invest this cash into other core business processes.

Eliminate Business Boundaries

With cloud computing, you remove country, company, and departmental borders, which allow your team to work together from anywhere. This technology empowers your employees to work remotely and meet deadlines. Eventually, your employees get the chance to be productive even when they are outside the office environment.


Cloud computing removes customary customization. It exposes your company to universal standards that improve the adoption of international standards in your business. This fast tracks your acceptance into the international community.


When it comes to running batch jobs, physical devices will often crash or become slow. This is not the same case with running your operations on the cloud. You can run massive analytics with ease. Additionally, you can run batch jobs on several nodes concurrently.

Allows You to “Go Green”

Going green is the trend nowadays. The aim is to protect the environment by using best practices for implementing sustainability in your business. With cloud computing, you get to share pooled resources and facilities. Since you don’t use physical IT equipment in your business, you reduce power consumption drastically. This also reduces carbon emissions, which protects the environment.

Final Thoughts

You can access the cloud on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows for remote working for your employees. Cloud computing allows for easier collaboration and access to real time data. This builds on quick decision-making and innovation.
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How to deactivate caller tune in Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, BSNL, Aircel & Docomo?

If you want to deactivate caller tune service on your mobile number then this post is going to help you. In this article I published all the SMS, USSD codes and numbers to deactivate caller tune service on your Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance GSM, BSNL, IDEA, Tata Docomo and Aircel mobile phone number.

Caller tune is the service offered by telecom operators to get rid of boring ‘tring-tring’ sound listened when we call someone or when someone call us. We can activate caller tune service and let our friends to listen your favorite songs and music tones when they call you. Whether this service is quite interesting but this is not free. We have to pay monthly charges to enjoy caller tune service on our mobile number. Due to this many of us want to deactivate caller tune service on their mobile number.
caller tune

Here you will get complete details on how to deactivate caller tune service or unsubscribe caller tune service on your mobile number. You can simply deactivate this service by dialing below given numbers, by sending SMS or by dialing USSD codes.
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