How to deactivate caller tune in Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, BSNL, Aircel & Docomo?

If you want to deactivate caller tune service on your mobile number then this post is going to help you. In this article I published all the SMS, USSD codes and numbers to deactivate caller tune service on your Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance GSM, BSNL, IDEA, Tata Docomo and Aircel mobile phone number.

Caller tune is the service offered by telecom operators to get rid of boring ‘tring-tring’ sound listened when we call someone or when someone call us. We can activate caller tune service and let our friends to listen your favorite songs and music tones when they call you. Whether this service is quite interesting but this is not free. We have to pay monthly charges to enjoy caller tune service on our mobile number. Due to this many of us want to deactivate caller tune service on their mobile number.
caller tune

Here you will get complete details on how to deactivate caller tune service or unsubscribe caller tune service on your mobile number. You can simply deactivate this service by dialing below given numbers, by sending SMS or by dialing USSD codes.
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Reliance Unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp Plans Details

Here you can find Reliance GSM unlimited Facebook + WhatsApp + Twitter Plans details. Due to the sudden increase in the number of internet users in India, number of social network users are also increased. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter and the world's top social networks in these days. By taking this concept in the mind, Reliance Communication is offering unlimited Facebook + unlimited WhatsApp + unlimited Twitter usage to its GSM users.
Reliance unlimited facebook, whatsapp twitter plan
These plans are not free, but we can say that these plans are not less than free plans. Reliance GSM is offering these unlimited Facebook, unlimited WhatsApp and unlimited Twitter plans along with its 2G Data Plans. You have to recharge your mobile with any Reliance GSM 2G Data plan which is offering unlimited Facebook, unlimited WhatsApp and unlimited Twitter along with free data usage allowed in the Reliance 2G plan.

How does Reliance Unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter Plan Work?

  • First of all, you have to subscribe any Reliance GSM 2G Plans which are providing unlimited Facebook, Unlimited WhatsApp and Twitter usage.
  • After that if free GPRS pack data has been used by you but your 2G data plan's validity is still remaining, then you can use Facebook + WhatsApp + Twitter for unlimited period of time til your GPRS pack's validity is remaining.
Below I published all the Reliance GSM 2G Plans which are providing unlimited Facebook, Unlimited WhatsApp and Twitter usage for every state of India. You can also check all the Reliance GSM Internet Plans Here.

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Reliance GSM 2G Plans For Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Here is the complete list of Reliance GSM 2G Internet Plans for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana users. In this list, you can check the all active Reliance 2G Data Plans for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. These Reliance 2G Plans are available only for Reliance GSM Prepaid Customers means not for the Reliance GSM Postpaid customers. In this list, we published Relaince GSM 2G Plans with complete details like validity and price of Reliance 2G plans in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, free 2G data usage allowed by the Reliance 2G Plans, How to activate Reliance 2G Plans in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana etc.
reliance gsm 2g plans
You can easily select any Reliance GSM 2G Data Pack according to your need because Reliance GSM is offering wide range of 2G data plans/ GPRS Packs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

You can also find some Reliance GSM 2G Plans with Free Unlimited Facebook + Free Unlimited WhatsApp and Free Unlimited Twitter usage.
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Latest Reliance GSM 2G Internet Plans Punjab - 2014

If you are looking for reliance internet plans for Punjab state then you are on the right place. Here you will get reliance 2g internet packs list for Punjab. These packs are working for prepaid users or you can say that these are reliance internet plans Punjab. I published the complete details for the reliance internet plans like internet pack's price, its validity, free data usage allowed by the reliance internet plan.

reliance logo

In this list, there are different types of Reliance internet plans suitable for your needs. You can select any reliance internet plan which fit your needs. Suppose if you want to activate Reliance internet plan for a month then you can select monthly internet plan or if you are looking for weekly reliance 2g internet plan then you can activate that plan too from the list given below. Reliance unlimited internet plans are also available for those Punjab users who download huge data files.

Some packs are specials plans like; Reliance unlimited Facebook plan and Reliance unlimited WhatsApp plan. You can activate these plans if you only use Facebook or WhatApp on your mobile phone.
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Is it Sanctioned to Implement a Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

We have got used to the idea that our mobile phone is always at hand and we are ready to call or text practically immediately in case there is such a necessity. We get rather confused when the gadgets claims that there is no network connection at all or the signal is so weak that we are not able to make a phone call.

Combating Methods Vary

Surely enough to indicate any person will look for solutions to the existing trouble. The most typical methods vary from sticking strips to the phone up to a mobile phone signal booster for a particular place or area.

A person has a choice to select the method of signal improvement that suits them personally, their budget, preferences etc.

The Most Effective Method

Having analyzed the existing techniques of making a cell phone signal better, many users can prove that the only effective way is to purchase a mobile phone booster. This small device turned out to be the most efficient one to make the quality of the signal the best by connecting to the mobile operator tower and amplifying it to the maximum.
mobile phone signal booster

A Disputable Issue

At the same time, the Internet is full of statements that it is not legal to use and to install a mobile phone signal booster.

The other people point out that there is nothing wrong in referring to a mobile phone signal amplifier, and there are no official documents claiming that there exist any restrictions to buy a signal booster.

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Top Ten Best Rated Free iPhone Apps of 2014

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod has ruled over mobile market since a long time. Due to its exciting features, better user interface and all handy apps make it best-selling mobile phone. In the iOS operating system everything syncs easily. Our generation is heavily dependent on Smartphones. Now this never-ending trend has a heavy impact on our lifestyle. Without call logs, text messages, photos, videos, emails, and calendars certainly get stored on the Smartphone. There are three major types of devices which are massively popular which includes Google’s android devices, Microsoft’s windows devices, and Apple’s iOS devices.

best ios apps

These are immensely used for the developed apps which give a fully fledged experience of a mobile device. While discussing about Apple’s iOS, number of apps are there to consider. Among the thousands of them it is quite tough to find the best one you need. The surprising fact is many of them are available to you without any cost. In case of getting apps ‘Free’ is just a magical word. Below some of the best among them so that you can get them easily without wasting time.

1. Facebook: -

This is being world’s largest social networking platform. Its features allow you to keep connected with the whole world. With apple’s iPhone touch now you can get access to your contacts, news feed and other useful information. Get connected with your friends with this free application.

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Free Mobile Recharge Trick By Playing Contests, Online Games & Downloading Android Apps

Free mobile recharge word is becoming more popular in these days. There are number or websites which are offering free online mobile recharge to their users by referring friends, playing quiz, polls etc. Some websites are also offering free recharge by sending free sms. Ultoo.com is that kind of website where you can win free mobile recharge by sending free sms to any mobile number in India. I recently shared trick to get free mobile recharge by sending free 460 characters sms and by making free mobile calls to any number in India.

Today I am sharing a website with you with which you can earn free mobile recharge by playing online contests, polls, quiz, using special offers, using coupon codes, by sharing videos on Facebook, by playing trivia online games, by downloading android mobile apps and referring your friends.

It’s amazing that you can earn while you are playing or enjoying on these types of websites. The website which is providing this service is Amulyam.in. This website is working fine from last two years and really offering free mobile recharge to its users. You can recharge you any mobile number like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, Docomo, BSNL, Tata Indicom, Virgin, Videocon, Uninor, MTS, Aircel etc.

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Vodafone Internet Plans For Rajasthan Users

Vodafone is offering below given internet packs in Rajasthan. You can find the complete details of these 2G/GPRS Internet plans here like their price, validity, free data usage, how to activate and deactivate these plans on your Vodafone mobile number. These details are up to date as on May 2014.

vodafone logo
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