All Mobile Networks Recharge Codes, Balance Check Code & Customer Care Numbers.

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Hi Friends, I am posting here all prepaid mobile networks recharge code/Number, Balance Check Code/Number and Customer Care Numbers These are helping you in your life. When you want to recharge your number. See these codes and recharge your phone. Here i am going to postAirtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, VirginVideocon and Uninor Recharge Code, Balance Check Code And Customer care Number.  How to recharge Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, Virgin, Videocon and Uninor?

How To Check Balance Of Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, Virgin, Videocon and Uninor?

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All Mobile Operators Recharge Codes


- Buy a recharge coupon of your choice.
- Scratch the silver laminated on the back of the recharge card to see 16-digits.
- Just type Recharge Code Of  Your Operator (Watch From List Below) <16 data-blogger-escaped-code="" data-blogger-escaped-digit="" data-blogger-escaped-pin=""># and press    ok
- Prepaid account will be credited.

Operator Name      -       Recharge Codes

  1. Tata Docomo - *135*2(16 digit code)#
  2. Aircel - *125*(16 digit code)#
  3. Idea - *223*(16 digit code)#
  4. Reliance - *305*(16 digit code)#
  5. Vodafone - *140*(16 digit code)#
  6. Airtel - *120*(16 digit code)#
  7. BSNL - *123*(16 digit code)#
  8. Virgin - Dial 121
  9. Uninor - *222*3*(16 digit code)#
  10. Videocon- *123*2(16 digit code)#

All Mobile Operators Balance Check Codes

Operator Name - Balance Check Codes

  1. Tata Docomo - *111#
  2. Aircel - *125#
  3. Idea - *130# or *125# or *212#
  4. Reliance - *367#
  5. Vodafone - *141#
  6. Airtel - *123#
  7. BSNL - *123#
  8. Virgin - *111#
  9. Uninor - *222*2#
  10. Videocon - *123*3#

All Mobile Operators Customer Care Numbers

Operator Name - Customer Care Number

  1. Tata Docomo -  121
  2. Aircel - 121
  3. Idea - 12345
  4. Reliance - *225
  5. Vodafone - 111
  6. Airtel - 121
  7. BSNL - 123
  8. Virgin - 121
  9. Uninor - 121
  10. Videocon - 121
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Free Mobile Recharge

Free Mobile Recharge


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  4. I have recently bought an airtel 3G dongle and I have been harrased to the extreme point with pathetic speeds. At times it stops downloading and automatically disconnets thereafter refusing to connects for hours and sometimes even for a while day !!
    Customer Care number: 1800 103 0405 is a bogus number. It doesn't work and after select options 1 (for airtel 3 dongle support), 2 (for english), 1 (for postpaid) it just disconnects.
    I am fed up and with the services and will be taking appropriate action in a few days. Also it has billed me for 5000 + INR when my credit limit itself is lower than 2500 INR. and i find no justification to the billed amount!
    Please, i urge all consumers not to subscribe to airtel 3G services!
    I have even filed a complaint against them on their site as well as at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case.

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  8. for TataDocomo it is *135*2*<16 digit>#

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