Now Upload Your Photos On Youtube Without Converting Them To A Video!

Posted by Parwinder Bhangu
Youtube is the world's no. 3 website at this time. This website is popular for uploading and watching videos on it. This website owned by Google some times ago. Millions of users are using Youtube to watch latest videos and to upload their own videos on it. Many people also make money from there videos on Youtube. We recently published the article which is about How to make money from Youtube? If you missed this then you can check it today. Now come to the main point, People faced many problems when they want to upload there photos on Youtube. They search on Google or other websites to find the way to upload their images on Youtube. In the end they convert them to video slideshow using Windows Movie Maker or other software and then upload it to Youtube. Now this problem is solved. Youtube has added new feature to upload your photos and then make their slideshow online. You have no need to change your photos to a video slideshow. So its a good news for those who face lot of difficulties in uploading their photos. In this article we published the trick to upload your photos to Youtube, make their slideshow online and add some new effects in it. So read and share this article with your friends.


How to upload photos on Youtube and make slideshow online?

To upload your photos on Youtube follow the steps given below:
  • First of all, Login to your Youtube Account.
  • Click on Upload Button from the top side.
  • After that select the option 'Create' Under 'Photo Slideshow' label.
  • Then upload your photos on Youtube.
  • Drag and Drop your photos to add them into slideshow.
  • When your photos are added into Timeline Editor then you can rearrange the sequence of photos into slideshow, You can set the duration of each individual slide and you can also add some interesting transition effects between slides.
  • You can also add background music to your slide but there is a limitation. You cannot upload your own music file. You have to choose from the Youtube's music files.
  • If you don't wan't to make your photo slide for public then you can set suitable privacy option for it.
In this way you can upload your photos on Youtube directly means without converting them to a video. Youtube can also place some ads in your photos slide but you have to share the revenue with the music composer if your photo slide is containing music. 

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